ALOHA - Abakundakawa

Aloha means good day or goodbye in Hawaiian . Our Aloha coffee welcomes you with a clean, complex and fruity atmosphere. When tasting, we encounter a strong black tea flavor, which is accompanied by the embracing feeling of freshly sliced ​​apples and creamy nougat. Our Rwandan coffee is an exciting cup experience that you can rediscover every day!

"Abakundakawa" means "one who likes coffee". The cooperative, founded in 1999, has received organic certification since its inception. Our coffee comes from the Rushashi station, which is the main and most important processing station for the company, where the members are mainly women, as the business was started to support single-parent families.

Place of origin: Rwanda, Gakenke district
Processing: Honey
Variant: Bourbon
Flavor notes: black tea, nougat, apple
Altitude: 1550 - 1700M

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