We have worked closely with Samuel Zavala and his family farm El Cambalache for many years and love the way he treats Maracaturra. It's great to see Samuel taking advantage of his legacy and developing the farm with new ideas. He grew up on the farm and later studied as an agronomist, which made him an ideal coffee grower who works with both his knowledge and his passion. Samuel mainly grows Maracaturra, a variety with unusually large beans that, when handled properly, offer very fruity and berry notes. Maracaturra is a large bean, but this is a smaller variety that Samuel simply calls "Junior".

Place of origin: Nicaragua, Dipilto, Nueva Segovia
Processing: Honey
Variant: Maracaturra junior (arabica)
Flavor notes: orange, yellow plum, bread syrup, peach
Altitude: 1350-1550 m

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