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MAHALO - Ratnagiri

Hawaiians express their gratitude with this beautiful word: thank you. Our Mahalo coffee is a truly harmonious and balanced batch. In the packaging, you will find a washed processed Indian coffee called Ratnagiri. A full-bodied sip, the smoky sweetness of which is in perfect harmony with the raisin flavor of fresh grapes forgotten in the sun.

"Ratnagiri" literally means "Pearl Mountains" as dense silver oak trees tower over the coffee plantation, giving the surrounding hillside a special shimmering silver hue. Ratnagiri Estate is managed by Ashok Patre near Bababudangiri in the corner of the majestic Western Ghats of South India.

Place of origin: India, Karnataka
Processing: Washed Yakult
Variant: SLN6
Flavor notes: tobacco, raisins, apple
Altitude: 1200 - 1300M



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