'Ohana coffee collection

The choice of green coffee

When choosing green coffee, quality, transparency and sustainability are the main considerations. My old supplier partner and friend is a Swedish roaster called Per Nordby alias Kafferäven, who also deal with green coffee. They personally visit farms all over the world and then select the right green coffee farmer as a partner. That's how I know your coffees in roasted form and I know how exceptional their quality is.

The roasting

For me, coffee roasting is a kind of alchemy. Since it matters a lot what the person doing the roasting is and how he approaches the process, it was clear that we would work together with my old good friend, the master roaster of the Impresso coffee lab, Gábor Körmendi. Gábor's expertise, dedication and maximalism, in addition to the fact that he is also the father of a family, made them exceptionally strong in the market. When roasting, Gábor brilliantly brings out the imagined flavor profile from our selected green coffees. I can't wait for you to taste these beautiful espressos or creamy cappuccinos.

- Ádám Benkovics, head barista